1 out of 879 thousand

There are 39,338 establishments serving food or drink in London.

There are 8.78 million people living in London.

One in 10 work in hospitality or tourism.

That’s 879 ish thousand.

I am just one waitress, who has admittedly worked in too many of them. Twenty three off the top of my head. Many people ask me why I’ve changed the place I work so many times, & the simple answer is: circumstance, opportunity, distance, happiness, money. I’ve always found that a combination of any two reasons is enough.

Waiters see & hear everything. Too much. Experience too much of humanity.

My aim is to tell the stories I have heard along the way, & believe me there are many.

From fun, to food. From wine, to dine. From lovely people, to downright mean ones.

Flying burgers, falling pints, screaming chefs, chefs who know how to cook & those that don’t. Comfy uniforms, slutty ones, rigid ones & flat out stupid ones. Heard everything, seen everything. Very little can surprise me anymore. But it can surprise you, reader, the stories of the people who serve.

Just remember one thing: just because we serve you, we are not your servants.


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